Chris Fallcrest

How many Kobolds does it take to ambush a Dwarf?

Enter Morgran / Seassion 3: How many Kobolds does it take to ambush a Dwarf?

As the party prepared to leave Winterhaven on their task to defeat the kobolds and Irontooth, Norkul expressed a desire to stay behind a while longer. He still had a few more preparations and asked that the others didn’t wait up for him. Tabris chose this time to ask him to make sure Reavis doesn’t leave town prematurely. The bard had his own plans for the egotistical archer.

Meanwhile, a dwarven fighter by the name of Morgran Blackwood was on his way to Winterhaven both out of concern of trouble brewing and the fact that his sister lived in the region. Unfortunately, he was too distracted by his thoughts to notice several kobolds hiding alongside the road. The scaled mauraders proceeded to ambush and surround him. Their attack might have succeeded if Harbek, Stone, Tabris and Kalidus hadn’t arrived in time. Although a caster among the kobolds managed several damaging blows, the combined might of the five travelers decemiated the kobolds. Morgran introduced himself and learned about the plans of the party. Eager to help out and repay a debt, he decided to join up with them. As they searched the bodies of the kobolds, they discovered that the caster wore the holy symbol of Orcus around his neck. Before anyone else could react, Morgran destroyed the necklace. Kalidus was livid since it was the first bit of solid evidence the group found regarding cult activity in the region. However, he calmed down after realizing there were probably more amulets like this one at the lair.

Stone volunteered to scout of the waterfall area and managed to sneak in and out undetected. When he returned to the group, he drew out the area in the dirt and included all the kobolds he could spy on. He also mentioned a magic circle of some kind and drew the runes on a sheet of parchment for the others to see. Unfortunately, all they could identify was that Stone has a solid sketching skill. Eventually, the group came up with a plan of their own. Stone and Tabris would sneak along the north side of the waterfall and attack the scout up there. The rest of the group would push the center near the circle and defeat any kobolds near the circle. The two forces would meet up near the fall’s edge and mop up any remaining forces. All that was left was to decide when to attack, before sunset or after.



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