Chris Fallcrest

The Best Laid Plans....

Session 4: The Best Laid Plans…

Norkul had briefly stayed behind in Winterhaven to take of last minute details while the others scouted out the kobold lair. Following Tabris’ request, the avenger checked up on Reavis. However, he didn’t have to look far. He spotted Priestess Linora dragging the unconscious man to the Wrafton’s Inn. Linora explained to Norkul that he had burst in her temple asking for healing over some snapped bow string accident. Since she didn’t think it was that serious of a wound, she opted to use mundane healing instead of wasting her healing spells. She pulled out some strong ale that she often used to clean wounds. Unfortunately, Reavis drank her ale supply when her back was turned. Linora already stated that Norkul nor any of his allies needed to worry about her lost stock. She took the difference from Reavis’ coin pouch while he was unconscious. Since it was obvious that the fool wasn’t going anywhere today, Norkul decided to catch up with the others and trade intel.

Norkul arrived just in time to aid his allies in their assault of the kobold lair. Since they didn’t know the sleeping habits of their enemy, they opted to attack while the sun was still up. The plan proceeded well, the combined might of Stone and Tabris cleared the north entrance to the lair while the main group made a ruckus near the circle. The duo headed to the central entrance and dealt with the forces there. Slowly, but surely, the front guards were being wiped out. Eventually, three of the kobolds broke off from combat to warn their allies in the waterfall lair. Two ran for the center entrance while the third headed for the southern entrance. Stone, Norkul and Morgran were able to stop the first two easily. Kalidus and Tabris chased after the last one while Harbek cast spells at its retreating form. Unfortunately, the kobold ducked and weaved long enough to escape their grasp and run inside.

The cries of over a dozen kobolds echoed through the lair. They began pouring out of all three lair entrances. Kalidus bravely held the line at the southern entrance while Morgran did the same for the central entrance. Norkul charged the center path and began slicing the scaled beasts apart. Stone decided to use some of the vials he acquired from the slingers on the attacking force and managed to take two down in one shot. In order to get some pressure off the center area, Tabris taunted a few of the kobolds trying to herd them south towards Kalidus. While the caster didn’t take the bait two dragonshield warriors did. Meanwhile, two very confused kobolds were left alone in the northern entrance. Since they couldn’t see the attackers from their position, they headed south and eventually joined the fray in the center.

A bard among the kobolds suddenly appeared and blew a badly bent trumpet to announce the presence of Irontooth. The massive hulk of a hobgoblin strode confidently into battle with his battle axe. Norkul and Harbek did their best to immobilize and delay Irontooth while the others dealt with the kobolds in the area. Stone and Morgran cleared a path to the boss of the kobolds but had their hands too full to deal with the caster taking pot shots at them all. Kalidus was stuck in a 2 versus one duel against the two dragonshield warriors. While he was holding his own, he did have to use his lay on hand spells just to stay alive. Tabris split his time between cutting down the middle forces and running south to support Kalidus.

Irontooth swung his axe with deadly accuracy once he was finally in range. He took swipes at Norkul, Stone and Harbek for most of the battle. His attacks only grew worse once he was bloodied. The fearsome warrior flew into a blood induced frenzy and sliced up everything in his path. He even decapitated one of his own kobolds. Stone was the first to fall from Irontooth’s blows. However, the revenant’s latent power finally kicked in. Stone stood up defiantly despite his grievous wounds and continue to assualt Irontooth. Norkul dealt the finishing blow by skewering Irontooth through his stomach. The hobgoblin snarled out as his last breath, “Lord…Orcus…prepare my…way….”

Norkul’s victory was short lived as the forgotten kobold caster launched an acid orb at his exposed back knocking him out of the fight. With Tabris’ help, Kalidus managed to slay the dragonshields and arrive in time to heal Norkul with his final lay on hands. Morgran and Harbek slew the caster before he could do any more damage. Pushed to their limits, the heroes breathed a sigh of relief as all the kobolds were dead at their feet.



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