Chris Fallcrest

Tying Up Loose Ends

Session 5: Tying Up Loose Ends

The aftermath of the battle against Irontooth and his kobold army came quickly. Physically and mentally exhausted, the heroes finally had a chance to catch their respective breath. Stone in particular had a difficult time as his secret finally came to life. Irontooth had managed to slice up his clothing enough that everyone could see his pale skin. Worse, he had suffered enough damage that he needed to rely on his undead traits just to continue fighting. Thankfully, Harbek had heard tales about Revanants before and promptly defended Stone’s place in the party. Tabris was also fairly open minded to the revelation. Morgran even lent Stone his cloak so that the rogue could re-enter Winterhaven without drawing attention.

With one crisis averted, the party proceeded to collect any valuables from the lair. After some minor difficulty and a swollen foot, they broke open Irontooth’s private chest and retireved a piece of dwarven chain mail. They claimed the former leader’s battleaxe and all the gold he collected from his raiding. Among the fallen bodies, they also found a letter from Kalerel addressed to Irontooth. Between the written document and unholy symbols of Orcus, there was no room for doubt. The cult was active in the area and apparently had a spy in Winterhaven. After taking a moment to clear the waterfall from dead corpses, the group headed back to town late into the evening. With the guards informed about the kobold slaying, some members of the group decided to retire for the evening. Morgran had family living in the village so he didn’t need to stay at the inn. Norkul made a brief detour to the Temple of Avandra to speak with priestess Linora once more. He presented this evidence to her and won her complete support. Linora offered to join the group when they met with Lord Padraig at noon the next day. She would help them convince him that this is a serious threat. In the meantime, she asked that Norkul hold on to the evidence for safe keeping.

The next day started early for Reavis, whom finally recovered from his accident and drunken stupor. He was soon greeted by Tabris who told him that his ‘assistance’ was no longer needed. When Reavis whined about the plan, Tabris merely pointed out that it was never his idea to betray Aria’s trust. Beside himself with indignation, Reavis exited the inn and left in a huff. Kalidus suggested that they just deal with the fool once and for all, but Tabris thought better of this choice. Only time would tell which one of them was right.

Between the late evening hours and early morning, the news of the dead kobolds spread like wildfire. All that remained was to speak with Lord Padriag and inform him personally to collect their reward. The group decided to sell Irontooth’s Battle Axe to a halfling merchant named Barwin, who had a near monopoly on all magical items sold in Winterhaven. Although the halfling did try to pull a fast one on the group, they managed to prove themselves into being the better barterers. They sold the axe plus authenticity signatures for 4 times its actual worth, wrangled a 5% discount (since the halfling normally inflated his prices) and a promise to buy any reasonably useable item from them. Afterwards, they met with the dwarven blacksmith, Thair Coalstriker, to repair their gear and make some custom craftwork. As the sun began to rise, Tabris wanted to check out Dragon Burial Site for any signs of Douven. There was still time in the day to hurry to the location and be back by noon.

When the group arrived, they spotted several humans and a gnome digging around the area. The way down was guarded by two pet drakes. The drakes soon sniffed the air trying to detect the group. One drake managed to get mud in its snout and thus couldn’t smell much of anything. The second one managed to pick up the group’s scent. In a desperate ploy, the heroes tried to distract the beast with a stone containing their scent, but the creature was too clever to fall for it. The drake screeched out loud attracting the attention of everyone in the pit. The gnome, Agrid, acted in a very friendly manner and invited the group to join them down in the pit. He was an exceedingly skilled liar and almost suckered the heroes into a trap. His only failing was that his allies couldn’t keep their weapons concealed long enough.

As the battle raged below, a figure emerged from around a boulder on the other side of the cliff. A halfling merc named Nathan stared down at the fight and seemed indifferent to it. Only when Agrid offered to pay extra for his services did Nathan briefly enter the fray. The party made a counter-offer and while it wasn’t enough to convince the merc to join their side, it was substantial enough to force him back out of the conflict. The human thugs were promptly dealt with but Agrid and his pet drakes proved to be problematic. Agrid kept fading from view with invisibility. However, the party goaded the gnome with short jokes and tricked him into revealing his location. It didn’t take too long for the drakes to perish and Norkul managed to knock Agrid unconscious. With Nathan neutral to them and Agrid ripe for an interrogation, the heroes of Winterhaven have some avenues to find out more about Douven’s fate.



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