Aecris, the Silver Lute + 2

Special Weapon

musical instrument

+2 Bonus to implement attack rolls
+2 Bonus to implement damage rolls

Property: Whenever you crit with this implement you deal an extra 1d6 damage

Daily Power: As a free action, whenever you drop a creature with the undead subtype to 0 or lower hp, you regain a healing surge.


Once the weapon of a paladin of Bahamut, Aecris served Sir Keegan well in life and even more so in death. Finding his spirit unable to reach Kalarel and fullfill his duty of safeguarding the rift, he enlisted the aid of several adventurers and offered his prized blade as a boon to them. The blade shrunk down into a mass of magical energy awaiting one of the strangers to grasp it and give it form. Tabris took a hold of the weapon and chose the form of lute. Thus, Aecris, the silver lute was reborn.

Aecris, the Silver Lute + 2

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