Marla's Letter


A well written letter given to Norkul a month ago from his childhood friend Marla.


Dear Norkul,

I hope this letter finds you well, old friend. I wish I could say that my reason for writing was purely social, but that is not the case. I need your help in a dire matter.

Almost a year ago, a group of suspicious individuals were wandering the city. Of course, this alone wouldn’t be cause for concern. You get all kinds of odd folks passing through a trade city. It was that some of them wore a symbol I was unfamiliar with that first piqued my interest. You know I was always a good researcher even on religious subjects so the mystery started as simply a curiosity. It took months to identify the symbol…but I blame myself more than anyone else for the delay. If I had devoted more effort to…I should have treated this matter more seriously then; however, beating myself up now won’t do any good. Still, I couldn’t have guessed what I had found. The symbol resembled that of an ancient demon lord of the undead, Orcus. By the time I made this startling revelation, the strangers had departed the region west towards the village of Winterhaven.

I redoubled my effort and tried to retrace their steps around Fallcrest. Aside from acquiring a few bags of residuum, they were keeping a low profile in the city. Residuum alone isn’t a worry but it is a common ingredient in magical rituals. When my investigation turned up nothing else, I turned to divination. I managed to gleam a name, Kalarel. I presume he is the leader of their cult.

When I took this matter to my master and the other clergy within the Grand Temple, they…had mixed expressions. I’ve earned a “reputation” for delving into the obscure and I think it is preceding me. The higher ranked priests and priestesses wonder if I might have merely imagined the whole event or remembered Kalarel’s symbol incorrectly. They have agreed to hire adventurers to verify my claim. Still, I fear that they will just spend a few days in Winterhaven, not look into anything and report back to collect an easy reward of 250 gold.

What I am asking you to do is to find this man and prove my concerns true or false. If you did your best in searching the area and told me I was wrong…I would believe you. If I am right, you’ll need to find something physical to prove it. The clergy would have no choice but to take this seriously and we could send aid to Winterhaven. If you could do anything to hinder their plans, that would be a great help as well.

I’ve always been a confident person…yet, I find myself praying that I am wrong. Please take care and hopefully, we can talk again about happier times.
~ Marla

Marla's Letter

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